The Myth is Real



Hello I am Doukas,

a small cute yorkshire from Mykonos,I love sandy beaches and crystal clear seawaters and my hobby is to sail around the Aegean sea .

I am an owner of  a beautifull sailing boat, a Bavaria 49 , with 2 member crew , a skipper and a hostess  and we organize sailing cruises in the gorgeous island of Mykonos.

I may, be small and cute, but for 3 years now I have been organizing the best sailing excursions in the Aegean, and that’s not all …….!!!

The highlight of your cruise …… that you can plan your own private trip in mykonos.


“Dance with the waves, move with the sea. Let the rhythm of the water set your soul free.” 

Christy Ann Martine

Enjoy the beautifull Greek sun , fresh air from the Aegean sea , swim in the crystalwaters of Mykonos , taste the Greek cuisine , dance with international and folkloric sounds ,and enjoy the Greek spirits and cocktails on board


Semi private cruise (6 Hours)

We set sail heading Delos ancient city for those who chose a walk to the mythological birthplace of Apollo.
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Private cruise (5 Hours)

Welcome on board, our boat is yours. Choose a tour with our Captains guidance.
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Semi private sunset cruise (5 Hours)

We set sails to Rhenia Island. We’ll stop for swim,tan,paddle-boarding at the crystal clear waters of the island in privacy away from the cosmopolitan Mykonos and we’ll enjoy a pure Greek launch with local products.
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Rosa Catamaran

“Rosa dei Venti” (“Wind Rose” in English) has been uniquely designed to operate most of the time by using renewable resources and clean energy. It’s an eco-friendly boat.

“Rosa dei Venti” brings a new level of comfort and innovative eco-friendly solutions to the sailing experience, making your holidays truly memorable.
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